• Capture Real Time Activity
    Capture Real Time Activity
  • Track Remotely
    Track Remotely
  • Time Tracking of guests in various zones
    Time Tracking of guests in various zones


Internet Monitor with Time Tracking

Track Remotely

Internet monitoring functionality helps you to monitor the guests activity within the premises.

Capture Restricted URL’s

Control movements of guests in restricted zones

Any visitor or guest would not be allowed to enter restricted zones within the premises.

View Activity Levels

View Activity

When guest visits premises, you'll not only see the zones they visit, you can also check the time spent in each zone.

KidTrac Visitor Management Promotes Effective and Efficient
Real Time Management of Guests

Other Features

  • Effective Time Tracking
    Effective Time Tracking
    • Precise time
    • Time Spent
    • Activity Monitoring
  • Monitor Workstation
    Monitor Zones
    • Define restricted zones
    • Visiting pattern of Guests
    • Where they go in the premises
  • Internet and URL’s Report
    Online Reports
    • Visitor Report
    • Activity Report
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report