• Students Monitoring
    Students Monitoring
  • Time tracker with Activity Levels
    Time tracker with Activity Levels
  • Track work Effortlessly
    Track work Effortlessly
  • Real Time Insight Stories
    Real Time Insight Stories


Get reports you need, at a glance

Get reports you need, at a glance

KidTrac automatically generates reports of student/staff project status and view resource reports and can view the detailed record of particular project. Always have the information you need and even export or email the reports for external use.

Monitor your student/Staff/Students

Monitor your studentsF

It is simple yet powerful student monitoring solution that is designed to monitor the person inside/outside business premises. Inside monitoring will be done through RFID platform and outside tracking will be monitored through GPS.

KidTrac productivity Solution Promotes Effective and Efficient
Real Time Management of Students

Other Features

  • Real Time Tasks
    Real Time Tasks
    • Usage Reports
    • Activity View
  • Automatic Work
    Automatic Work Reports
    • Customizable Reports
    • Activity Reports
    • Daily Activity reports
  • Integrated RFID with Time and Attendance system
    Powerful Time Tracking
    • Time spent working
    • Project work time
    • Estimated hours taken vs
    • Assigned Hours