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Top-level management can keep an eagle eye on the students of their organisation through Heat Map, Footfall and the live status of institute premises.

Dashboard View

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Other Features

  • Reports & Analytics
    Reports & Analytics

    You can view student, staff, visitor reports.

  • Time Tracking
    Time Tracking

    You can view actual time spent within the premises by students, staff & visitors.

  • RFID/Biometric System
    RFID System

    Calculate student school time, staff in and out time tracking, visitor in and out time.

  • View Project Resources
    View Reports

    View Teaching and Support Staff reports for senior management.

  • Manage Floor/Beacons
    Manage Floor/RFID Readers

    Admin can add floors and manage RFId readers/Beacons as it is a custom-made solution.

  • Book Conference Room
    Book Conference Room

    Staff can book a conference room for meetings from their phones/computers.

  • Polling

    Give your honest response to the poll that are asked by your supervisor, don’t worry your name will not be come but response can makes some effect for the outcome result.

  • Meeting invites/events
    Meeting invites/events

    Supervisors can post meeting invites and events that will be broadcast to all staff.

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