• Inventory Control
    Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management
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Real Time Inventory

Real Time Inventory

In a multi-user environment, keeping the track of inventory information is a herculean task. So, to overcome this KidTrac provides a platform where you can manage inventory in a seamless way.

Inventory Check -In and Check-Out Check -In and Check-Outnced

Inventory Check -In and Check-Out

KidTrac equips user to track existing business are being used which are not as per the application . Users may perform easy inventory check-in and check-out operations to boost up your business Productivity.

Quick QR Scanning

Quick QR Scanning

Use rear camera of user mobile device for scanning QR code to perform quick actions like inventory check-in/check-out process. Quick scanning capability of KidTrac saves user from cataloguing huge number of items being done manually and get more security of inventory.

KidTrac productivity Solution Promotes Effective and Efficient
Real Time Management of Students

Other Features

  • Business Inventory
    Business Inventory
    • Better Data intelligence
    • Reporting
    • Tracking
  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management
    • Manage Real Time data
    • Search and Add product
    • Assign Inventory
  • Track Inventory
    Track Inventory
    • Stock Check-In and Out
    • Track through GPS map
    • Search and Find Inventory