• Manage Access Control
    Manage Access Control
  • Define & Manage Restricted Areas
    Define & Manage Restricted Areas
  • View Access Log
    View Access Log
  • Reports and Analytics
    Reports and Analytics
  •  Manage Resources
    Manage Resources



Providing Access Log Report

KidTrac solutions helps you to get rid of manual access control reports for staff, students & visitors. Now, you can directly view daily/weekly/monthly reports from this solution.


Web Monitoring

KidTrac productivity is a simple yet powerful student monitoring solution that is designed to allow only desired access control accross the premises. It is a lightweight Access Control tool that works on all major platforms.

KidTrac productivity Solution Promotes Effective and Efficient
Real Time Management of Students

Other Features

  • Manage PMS
    Manage Access Control
    • Manage Visitor Logs
    • Manage Staff Logs
    • Manage Students Logs
  • Web Monitoring
    Web Monitoring
    • Heatmap
    • Zone wise footfall
    • Track Visitors through map
    • Zone security
  • Time Tracking
    Issue Alerts
    • Access Start and End Time
    • Alerts for undesired movements
    • Alerts for zone wise unusual activity
    • Tracking zones